Saturday, July 17, 2010


I chuckle everytime I run across this picture. Therefore, I am posting it. On occassion I have asked my 10 year old daughter, Caesy, to be my "assistant". She is quickly developing the same love for the camera that I am, and I figured it would be good for her to learn along with me. She's picked up on quite a bit, and has even tried her hand at taking her own pictures.

A few months ago I did a large family session, and knew I would need an extra hand. She volunteered, and I gladly took her along.

This is my daughter, "assisting".

caesy assistant

Totally cracks me up. Thanks for your HELP Caesy! Ha Ha!


Amy Johnson said...

So funny! I love it!

Jeniso Photography said...

I was helpin!! I was holding there stuff and your stuff so ha!!

Jeniso Photography said...

that was caesy (above)