Monday, July 30, 2012

{ Little Miss Me Program 2012 }


Finally!   I am so sorry for the delay! I've been trying to get these darling little divas in a gallery, but ran into a couple of snags.  I think we've finally been successful!   



Copy and past this link into your web browser.     This will take you to the GALLERY! :)!i=1944209117&k=dPKv5v8

Next, find your darling diva in the gallery, select the pic so that it shows up on the right hand side of the gallery.  Now, if you hover over the pic there pops up a few options, the bottom option being a picture of a folder with a green arrow.  Click this folder. This will allow you to save the original file to your computer.  

TA-DA!   Now, you've got the pic and you may do as you wish with it!

Print this page to take with you, as you may need this print release.

"Jeniso Photography releases printing rights to Client for images relating to the "Little Miss Me Program 2012."     

Don't be afraid to call me should you run into any issues.  You've got my card! .....   :)  And make sure you give your lil' diva a squeeze from ME!     Check back soon, I'll be putting a few pics from the parade on this blog also.     


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