Sunday, October 2, 2011

{ Fall is for FAMILIES }

I absolutely love love love this time of year! I am so glad I was able to head up Logan Canyon and take in some of the amazing colors! What a gorgeous drive, and a gorgeous family who was waiting for me. You guys are so lucky to have this view, literally, out your back door.

I had the hardest time choosing which pics to post for Brittney and Candice's sneak peek, but these are just a couple of my favorites from their sessions yesterday.













I am loving my 50mm lens!



Picture overload, I know, but I couldn't help it.
Please leave Britt and Candice a comment! 10 comments earn them a free print, so tell them....which one is YOUR favorite?


Candice said...

I love the picture of Brittney's family walking away and Britt and Cody kissing. Seriously a very precious picture.

Anonymous said...

Jen you take amazing pictures...Saige Leigh's picture the second one is my favorite.. I love her eyes.. But I also love the pic of Candice and Charleigh. what a precious mother daughter pic!

Tara Mc said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so sad that I missed out on it. Love the bright, vivid colors.

Keri said...

Brit, the individual one of your kids turned out great! I love the family one with you and Cody kissing! The light and the scenery is perfect. Candace, your choice of outfits are so cute! The one of you and Charleigh is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Adorable. These pictures are sooo cute. Great job!
Kristen F

condorman said...

They are so good... I'd pick the third down for Candice... and I agree with Candice for Cody and Britt...them kissing...

condorman said...
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Brittney said...

Candice's looks stunning in all the pics! I love the one with her and Charliegh! The boys are handsome in there white, blue and gold. All of them are great! I love the soft tone and close up on Saige blowing the leaves!

Ashlee said...

gorgeous photos ladies!! i love them all really, but i do love candice and charleigh's close-up and i really love the kissing view from behind of britt's-everyone looks adorable :)

Caesy Jade said...

awesome!! way cute pictures!! nice job! oh and did i mention, you now get a free print!! :]

MIsty said...

Beutiful Pictures....