Thursday, August 16, 2012

{ Miss J's family }

How darling is this family?  Really darling.  I mean really really. :)    I came prepared with bribes for the lil' ones, (I'm soooo not above that), and they were definately well used!    We got quite a few smiles out of these kiddos, and we almost got outta there without tears.  Almost.  But it was brief, and it was hot, and we were all tired, so...  a small tear is justified.

Thanks again, Jacki, and I hope you enjoy your pics!  






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The Evans Family said...

They look awesome!! Thanks so much, Emry loved her prize. Also, I love the maternity session you just did so cute, with the scrabble letters. It made me wish I would have done maternity shots with my kiddos.

About Us said...

I love these!! You did a great job Jen :)

With Crazy Love Jeff and Jamie said...

So so cute! The Evans family is darling! Jen you always seem to catch the fun sparkle in every picture! Love ya

Jaci said...

I love these photos of my sweet friend Jacki and her family! Great job!!